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This website is to help us get closer to our friends. It also acts as a platform for us to share our details regarding the layout and also help you to get in touch with us. 

NICTUN BORRUD:  where it began. 
I built this 'OO' Finescale layout with another guy at the club. He would collect unfinnished DC, Kirk and MTK Southern 3rd rail kits from a well known web site and finish them and wanted a layout to run them on. 
In the club store room he found an old 6 foot board with hand made points and track, with a few more boards this is what became Nictun Borrud.......the name......everthing on it was either nicked or borrud from other club layouts, cupboards or projects.

I enjoyed building NB and with other club members and running it at exhibitons.  When I thought of building an 'OO' Finescale layout for myself, I liked the NB layout and thought it would be novel to build the same layout but a modern version (and it was to run my modern stock on)....and so N2K was born. 
Both have become exhibition layouts representing the Fareham & District MRC located in Portchester near Fareham, Hampshire.
It is also fun to have both at a show and see when people realise they are the same layout but some 50 years apart !
Since the oiginal photos were taken we have replaced the backscene with a photographic one and replaced the platform surface.

 Visitors have been here.
If you want to book either or both layouts for an Exhibition please contact us at:
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